Sisters of Earth and Sea

Ted Andrews Animal Speak Charms

  Ted Andrews Animal-Speak Charmsmade by Deva Designs Beautiful pewter animal charms with messages on the back. A perfect companion to the books by Ted Andrews. Size: Approx. 1¼" diameter.   ● Deer - Time to move gently into new realms & pursuits ● Skunk - Be assertive. Honor & keep your boundaries ● Snake - Time of healing & transformation. Focus on new birth● Wolf - Trust your intuition. Protection & guidance are present ● Condor - Time to take action. Your spirit will soar to new heights.● Swan - New dreams, realms, and possibilities are opening to you now.● Woodpecker - Follow your own unique rhythms for the greatest success.● Tiger - Your passion and power will expand, expect me adventures● Manatee - A gentle heart will open new realms. Trust your senses.● Rabbit - Fertile signs abound. Take the leap into new creative realms.● Ladybug - A wish will come true. Pursue new opportunities.● Lynx - Hidden is visible to you now. Trust your own perceptions ● Raven - Not all is what it seems.Magic and shapeshiftings around you.
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